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Arvoredo Brasil - Instituto Agroflorestal


We are 85 properties for small family farmers with 765 hectares of productive land, regular rainfall and cold weather at an altitude of 1,080m, conditions for the development of organic agriculture and agroecological excellence. All our properties are certified organic by Ecocert, which allows the qualities of our products attend the needs of our consumers.

Currently cater large customers of the cosmetics industry, pharmaceutical and food industries. Developing a job fair, where we seek to generate income and profitability for small farmers involved, even prioritize respect for the work, because these actors are responsible for keeping the planet, and act as disseminators of sustainable production, and certified quality.

We invite you to browse on our site that, although written in Portuguese can be assessed in the following sections without the need for translation:

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About us

The Coopaflora, cooperative founded by family farmers in the municipality of Turvo in Paraná, the main objective is the production and marketing of medicinal plants, herbs and spices. These receive the seal of organic certification from Ecocert. With the commercialization of these products, we note that in addition to local development, is also environmental conservation in a sustainable manner, and the restoration and conservation of the Atlantic, mainly from the Araucaria Forest, Ecosystem extremely endangered of extinction.

The IAF develops activities in the central region of Parana, which promote the conservation and environmental restoration of forest remnants  of Araucaria Forest Ecosystem, and seek to improve the living conditions of farming families living there, producing and living through the development sustainable family farming, based on agroecology.

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